The ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) helps you control, manage and analyze the activity and performance of your call center. It distributes calls to various queues in an intelligent, professional manner. Queues are constructed according to specific criteria and rules which are designated to handle placement of calls and overflow.

The ACD Panel is your interface to the ACD and your call center. It allows you to view available agents, how many calls are active per group, and remove unproductive agents from the queue. The exact wait time of callers is shown, along with a visual colored display that changes as the length of time increases. 

Think of the ACD as your road system infrastructure, including traffic lights, signage and traffic officers. The ACD Panel is your central traffic control hub.

The ACD Panel includes powerful tools needed to generate historical reports and to see live overviews of any active call flows so they could be managed efficiently. The user-friendly interface allows calls to be handled in real time simply by dragging them on the screen and assigning them to a specific agent or queue.

Additionally, you can set up customized alerts in the ACD Panel to address select call scenarios such as long waiting callers or missed ones, so you're always on top of your business.