Agent's Manager User Guide

This is a rather straightforward management tool. It allows you to define which agents are available in the ACD’s panel pool, adding them to queues, or deleting them from the pool.


To be available to be added to the ACD’s pool agents need to be first defined in the PBX manager, which is your main switchboard management tool. It is for advanced users and we have a whole solution section dedicated to it. For now think of it as if you define the agent and his extension in the PBX manager and then you simply add them to the ACD panel.

Begin by selecting Agent's Manager from the Menu. 

As you can see The Agent’s manager only has three columns of information - The Agent’s name, Destination (his phone line extension), and the color coded circle indicating which queues he is a Member of. 

As elsewhere in the ACD panel, if a queue's colored circle is full it means the agent is logged in. If the circle is empty it means the agent is logged out. The circles here are just indicators. See our FAQ about how to log agents in or out for more information.

Deleting Agents

If you hover your mouse to the left side of an Agent’s icon a checkbox will appear. Click in this manner to select one or more agents, or click the checkbox icon at the titlebar to select all agents. Now click the minus icon in the top right corner. You will be asked to confirm the deletion, or you can cancel the operation. 

Remember when deleting an agent he is removed from the ACD pool but still exists in the PBX manager.


Adding Agents

To add new agent to the ACD panel click the plus icon on the top right corner. This will open the following window:

Find and select the agent you wand to add in the PBX User drop-down menu. Checkmark all the Queues you want the agent to belong to, and set each queue's Priority for this agent.


The queue priority in regard to an agent works with certain rules, where agents with higher priority will be the one to receive calls ahead of agents with lower priorities. See the Queue Manager User guide for more info.

Click Save to add the agent, or Cancel to exit without adding him. 


Editing Agents

You can click on any agent's yellow icon (or anywhere to the right of it) to bring up the an agent editing window. Here is what you can do in this window: 

  • Click the pen icon on the top right corner to bring up a window to edit the agent's name.

  • Hover on Mobile Phone Number. A pen icon will appear. Click it to add the agent's mobile phone information.
  • Click the Add to Queue (plus icon) on the bottom to add the agent to a new queue and set his priority for this queue.

  • Click on the queue's icon next to the queue's name. It will turn into a check-mark (you can select seveal queues this way). Click Remove to remove the agent from the selected queue.

Additionally you can also click on any of the queues listed (on their names or the plus sign next to it) to bring up the queue's details. Here you can set the agent's Priority for that queue and you toggle his Status to log him in or out of the queue:

As you can see, it is not possible to edit an agent's phone line or extension. This is done from the PBX manager. 

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