How to Add or Remove an Agent From a Queue?

There are two ways to add or remove agents from queues, one from the Queue Manager and the other from the Agent's manager

From the Queue Manager

  •  Select Queue Manager from the Menu Button.


  •  Click on the queue you want to add agents to.

  • In the Queue Setting's window click on Agents.

  •  To add an agent click the big plus icon at the bottom

    Choose an agent from the list (representing agents who are not yet in the queue).

    Designate an agent priority, and click save.

  • To remove an agent, just click the icon next to his name.  It will become a checkmark (you can do this with several agents at once.)

    Now click the Remove button.

  • You can click an Agent's name to edit some details about him. If you have an agent opened for editing, you may not see the Remove button, as it may be pushed downwardSimply scroll down to see it and click it.



From the Agent's Manager

  • Select Queue Manager from the Menu Button.


  • Select an agent you want to to remove or add from queues.

    The agent's settings window will appear.

  • To add this agent to a queue - click Add to Queue (the plus icon). Select a queue from the list of available ones, designate an agent's priority for this queue and click Save.

  •  To remove this agent from a queue - click on the queue's icon next to the queue's name. It will turn into a check-mark (you can check-mark several queues this way). Click Remove.

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