The TeleConsole Menu and Profile User Guide

Access the TeleConsole Menu and Profile by clicking the Menu button on the top right corner. Click on it again or push Escape on your keyboard to close it. 



Your TeleConsole profile  provide other users and agents with details about yourself. It is also where you change your password.

Here are the different operations you can perform here:

  • Changing your profile picture

    The title of the window is the name of the user followed his extension. The extension is set by your administrator.

    Above the title is the user's profile picture - a generic symbol of a person symbol by default. Hover your mouse on this symbol. It will change into a pen symbol.   

    Click and you will be prompted to navigate and select an image from your computer to replace the generic symbol.

  • Setting personal information

    Below the title you can enter the following information:

    • Your First Name

    • Your Last Name

    • Your Email Address - where, among other things, you are able to receive notifications about voicemails.

    • Your User Name - by default this is identical to your email address.

      Important - if you change your user name, you will need to contact us to set you up with a new initial password.

  • Changing your password

    Enter a new password in the New Password field. Then reenter it in the Confirm Password field to verify you made no typos.

  • Saving your changes or canceling them

    When you are done, click the Save button to record the changes you made.

    If you don't want to save your changed, click the arrow on the top right corner of the the window. 


This toggle can be set to either Available or Do No Disturb.

This simply indicated to the call center administrator if you are available to receive calls or occupied with another activity. This is different from your phone status (which can be set to busy) in the sense that the phone status is aimed for fellow agents or users.


Here you can set up some phone forwarding scenarios.

  • Forward My Phone - Toggle this On to have all your calls forwarded to a number you specify here.

    If you turn this on, the rest of the forwarding choices will become unavailable and vice versa.


  • No answer the call should go - select where a call should be redirected in case you can't answer it. Choose from the drop-down menu between a Phone Number, an Extension, or a Voicemail. You can also select to Hang up the call instead of redirecting it.

  • On busy the call should go -  select where a call should be redirected in case you are busy with another call. Choose between a Phone Number, an Extension, or a Voicemail. You can also select to Hang up the call instead of redirecting it.

  • On unregistered or unreachable the call should go -  select where a call should be redirected in case you are logged out or unreachable for any other reason. Choose between a Phone Number, an Extension, or a Voicemail. You can also select to Hang up the call instead of redirecting it.

Phone Line and Mailbox

The TeleConsole supports multiple lines and mailboxes. Here you will select the phone line and mailbox to be associated with your account, that is the line that will ring when someone is trying to reach you and the mailbox that will receive messages from callers. The choices are predefined by your administrator.

Usually there in no need for more than one line, hence the line and mailbox will be have the same number. But in the example shown here, we see that line 1113834 will ring, but messages will be left at 113831. This can be handy if, for example, an agent works in department A half a week and department B the rest of the week. He can therefore, let his clients of department A leave messages in one mailbox and clients of department B in the other.

Make sure at least one Mailbox is selected, otherwise you will not be able to see your voicemails

SMS Phone Number and Fax Number (optional)

Select the phone numbers where clients can send you or receive SMS messages or faxes from you. You may or may not see these in your TeleConsole menu, since they are both optional and need to be set up by requesting them from your administrator or from us.

Even if they are set up you must check-mark the numbers here to enable them. Otherwise you will not see any SMS messages or Faxes in your TeleConsole.

blob1477660878859.png     blob1477661008581.png

Queue States

This lists the queues you belong to and allow you to toggle your Logged In status on or off your in those queues.

If you have logged off from all the queues you belong to, the call center administrator will see you as being Unavailable on his ACD administration interface.

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