What to Do If You Forgot Your Password or User Name?

If you forgot your TeleConsole password (or User name), you can access a screen that will help you retrieve it.

access the Teleconsole in either one of the following two ways:

  •  Use your web browser to visit the Telebroad home page at www.telebroad.com

    • If you are on a desktop computer:

      • Click the menu button on the top right corner.

      • Select Login>Teleconsole.

    • If you are on a smartphone or a tablet:

      • Tap the menu bottom on the top right

      • Tap the login menu.

      • Tap TeleConsole.

Now click the Forgot your password? link and a new window will open where you will click in the option box to select between "I forgot my User name" or "I forgot my password".

Provide your email address and click continue. If you made a typo with your email and the system can't find it in our data base, you will get an error message saying "Failed to send request!".  

Instructions of how to reset the password will be then emailed to you.

Can't see the email from us? - it is important to consider that the email with the instructions may arrive in your Spam folder. So first check to see if it is there. If you still don't see the email try sending it again from the Forgot your password? link as you may have made a mistake, entering an email that does exist in our database but belongs to someone else.

Still can't see it? You should contact us for help:

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