How to Set up Your Caller ID?

Caller ID is the name and number shown to clients when you call them, which can be set to be different than your actual phone number or can be completely hidden. Different caller ID can be handy, for example, for an agent that works in two different departments or for a call-center that handles two completely different products. Each department or product gets its own unique caller ID number.

There are two ways to select a caller ID:

  • Click on the gear icon for Settings on the top right corner of the TeleConsole

    Caller ID is the first option under phone settings. Click whatever choice is already selected (Default in the example shown) to bring up a drop-down menu and choose your caller ID from it. 

    Default is the company's main number. 

    Unknown will hide your number when calling clients. 

    Any other number you can select is defined by your phone system administrator.


  • Alternatively you can select a caller ID directly when you start a New Call or send a New Fax.

    Simply click on the mini-menu on the right side of the New Call or New Fax window and select your preferred Caller ID.

    Note that you cannot select an Unknown Caller ID for sending faxes!

The Settings method has a higher priority and determines the caller ID for both new calls and new faxes permanently. If you change the caller ID from New call or New Fax, it will only be changed temporarily for the duration of the particular call or fax.   

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