How to Set up Your Voicemail Greetings?

There are several options for the greeting a client will hear when he reaches your voicemail, depending on the call scenario. 

To set up and record greetings click on the gear icon for Settings on the top right corner.  Scroll down to Voicemail settings and click on Change greeting.


  • Default greeting will have priority and be played if no other greeting has been recorded.

  • However if the Default greeting is empty (no recording has been made) than the system will play your Audio name followed by saying "is unavailable".

  • Temporary greeting is played if you are unreachable, like when you are logged out of all your queues or toggled your availability status to Do not disturb.

  • Busy greeting is played if you are on the phone with another client.
Click on any of the greeting categories to reveal its associated recoding and settings.



You can preview the currently selected greeting or the one you just uploaded with this little audio player.  

Click CHOOSE GREETING to select a greeting from the available list.

Click UPLOAD NEW to upload a greeting from an existing file on your computer.  Drag and drop the file to this window or click click here (on the bottom of the window) to navigate to it.  

Once you have uploaded the file click SAVE to add it to the list of available greetings or click the X icon to discard it.  


Any file you upload this way is available to all greeting categories. In other words the uploaded audio files are stored in one location which all greeting categories share. 

Once you have uploaded a greeting, click CHOOSE GREETING to select it from the list of available greetings. 

Instead of recording a greeting on your computer you can have the TeleConsole CALL (you) TO RECORD it.  When the window opens, simply enter your phone number and click CALL ME. Your phone will ring and you will be prompted to record your greeting. When you are done the greeting will be available under CHOOSE GREETING  and be labeled by the date and time your recorded it. 


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