How Are Chat Messages Different Than SMS Messages?

When you send a new message you will see that there is a difference between internal and external contacts. Internal contacts inside your company have a brown icon, while external ones have a blue oneThere is also an internal contact represented by a gray icon just for your call-center manager, also refereed to as ACD administrator. 

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Notice is the example below, how it says chat under the name of the internal contacts (Dorothy, Alexander, and ACD Admin) while listing a phone number under the external contact (David).


This is an important distinction to note. Because internal messages, to fellow workers in your company or your call-center manager, will be handled like chat conversation - similar in manner to any other instant messaging app you use on you personal computer or smart phone. But messages sent to external contacts will be converted to an SMS - Short Message Service, also simply known as Text messages, and be sent directly to the client's mobile phone.

What this means is that an internal message, basically has two computers (or mobile devices) at each end of the conversation. But an SMS message between you and an external contact has your computer at one end and a mobile phone at the other end. Since SMS messages are exchanged between two phone numbers, your TeleConsole must be set up with an SMS phone number to make this work. 

When you compose a new message, you can click the menu button to the right of "New Message" to select your SMS phone number, or just examine it in order to provide it to clients. If the SMS number is not selected, you will get an error message when trying to send a message to external contacts.


If you don't see any SMS number available for selection, you need to contact us since SMS numbers are set up manually.

An SMS number is different than your default phone number, but to simplify things it is possible to set your phone number with a caller ID that matches your SMS number.  This way you will only need to provide clients with one phone number. 

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