What Is the Teleconsole and What It Can Do for You?

The TeleConsole provides you with a personal control panel to track, monitor, and manage all of your daily communications. You can make, receive, and access calls, messages, voicemails, faxes, contacts, and logs with specific details about call history, length of calls, and customer information. Powerful search tools make it easy to find any contact or item of communication with simple phrases and keywords.  

Additional features give you the choice to manage incoming calls by creating forwarding rules for any of your extensions. Availability status can be set to alert fellow users about the type of calls you are able to receive and you can also see all available extensions in your group and their current status. Internal or external calls and chats can be started simply by clicking on a contact. The TeleConsole's convenient internal chat interface between employees or business customers is ideal for businesses with strict internet usage rules, negating the need for any other chatting app.

The TeleConsole also includes various handy settings to control your physical phone including managing and changing its welcome and voicemail greetings, changing its caller ID, activating call screening call waiting, setting time zone, and even speed dial and BLF designations.

In addition to the web interface of the TeleConsole, we also offer mobile Android and iOS versions for on the move office environment.  

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