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Installing Click2Call

Uninstalling Click2Call

Logging In and Setting Up


Click2Call (click to call) is a browser extension that converts phone numbers into clickable links for quick dialing.

This App works only on Google's Chrome web browser. If you try to run it from another browser you will be taken to the Chrome web store and be prompted to download the browser itself. If you don't have it you can install also it from here.

  • Convert phone numbers on web pages into clickable quick dialing links.

  • Automatic dialing save you time by calling recipients on your behalf.

Installation and Removal

Installing Click2Call

The Click2Call installation can be accessed from Telebroad's home page by clicking on Apps on the top menu.

If you are using a phone or a tablet access Apps from the side menu.

Scroll down and find click2call in the "Apps and integrations for your daily needs" section.

Click it and a pop up window will open, where you can click Get It Now to be taken to the Google play store,  where you can download the extension from.

You can also access the extension on the Play Store directly from this URL:

Now click Add to Chrome on the top right corner.



You will be prompted to approve to Add Extension (or Cancel). Once you approve, the extension will be downloaded and automatically installed on your Chrome browser. Its icon will appear in the chrome window top right corner, just next to the Chrome menu and to the right of the address bar.

Note that currently mobile versions of Chrome do not support extensions at all. If you try to install the Click2Call from your mobile you will be asked to Add to Desktop. The extension will then get installed on any desktop computer where you are signed in to Chrome.

Uninstalling Click2Call

To uninstall the extension right-click its icon, just right of the address bar, and select Remove from Chrome... 


Logging In and Setting Up

Click the Click to call icon or right click it and select options to open the login and set up window. Enter your User Name and Password (the same as you use in Teleconsole) and click Proceed


The page will verify your details with the Telebroad server and display some set up choices.

  • Select a phone number from the Phone drop-down menu. This is the line that will be used for making calls.

  • Enter a Caller ID that will be used when you use the app to make calls. This will be automatically updated based on the phone number you select, but you can manually change it.

  • Enter any Prefix, if you use one that is used by your phone system before you dial a number (for example dialing 9 to get an outside line.)

  • Checkmark Auto Answer to allow the app to automatically answer any incoming calls (that is you will not have to push any button to answer a call.)

  • Call Me Second - Instead of making a call and waiting for the recipeient to pick up, the app will first call the recipient and once he picks up will call you.

  • Checkmark Detect Phone Number to allow the app to scan web pages for phone numbers and convert them into links. This really gives you the one click to call capabilities of the app, but if you disable this you can still make calls in three clicks by highlighting a phone number and right clicking it (see below).


Click save and you will get a message that the extension is now active. The extension icon will also become colorful. You can click it for a small menu that gives you access to the settings page and a toggle for enabling or disabling Detect Phone Numbers.



Using the app is very straightforward. 

One click - If the Detect Phone Numbers option is enabled any phone number that appears on a web page will be converted into a clickable link. Hover your mouse over any such link and a floating bubble window will be displayed, prompting you to call the phone number.  Click the number and your phone will dial it.  


If there is any problem with a phone number not being converted to a link or if you have just toggled Detect Phone Numbers on, right-click anywhere on the problematic web page and select Click2Call Rescan Page. The links should now appear.


Three clicks - If the Detect Phone Numbers option is disabled you can still make phone calls using the app. To do so, highlight the number on a web page you wish to dial, right-click it, and then select and click on Telebroad Click to Call:(Phone number)


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