Blind Transfer

If your phone supports a blind transfer, you can automatically transfer a call without talking to the other person first (as in consultive transfer). 

To perform a blind transfer:

  • From Active Call, Lines, or Calls view, tap Transfer. The active call is held.

  • From the Dialer, tap Blind, and place a call to the person you want to transfer the call to. If you don’t see Blind, tap More (at the top of the screen), and tap Blind.

Instead of entering or selecting a number from the Dialer after you tap Blind, you can select a directory entry or a favorite to transfer the call to:

  • To transfer to a directory entry: After you tap Transfer, press the Home key , tap Directories, and then tap Contact Directory or Corporate Directory. Search for the person, and then call them.

  • To transfer to a favorite: After you tap Transfer, tap Favorites, and tap the favorite you want to call.

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