Restarting Your Phone and Updating Configuration

You may be asked by your system administrator to restart your phone to assist in troubleshooting. You may also be asked to either restart your phone or update it's configuration to apply new settings from Telebroad applications (for example applying speedial information from Telebroad's TeleConsole).

If your phone is malfunctioning, you may be able to restore normal operation without restarting the phone. So please consult your administrator before you restart it.

To restart the phone:

  • Tap Settings from Home view, and tap Basic > Restart Phone.

  • The message "Are you sure?" displays.

  • If you still want to restart the phone, tap Yes.

  • The restart process begins. The process ends when the default Home screen displays.

To update your phone’s configuration:

  • Tap Settings from Home view, and tap Basic > Update Configuration.

  • The message "Are you sure?" displays.

  • To update the configuration, tap Yes.

  • The configuration is updated. Your phone may restart, depending on the phone settings that have changed.

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