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Telebroad offers you an advanced VoIP mobile softphone solution in collaboration with Mizu-Tech. The mobile softphone technology puts of your enterprise communication network in your pocket allowing you to be completely location independent. It also increases productivity  with all business communications combined into one elegant app.

The app is based on the SIP protocol. It is a communication standards which allows users to connect to a VoIP server and make calls to other VoIP users or to landlines and mobile networks usually for a much more cost effective rates than the cellular rates.

To use the app you need a SIP account, which will be provided to you by Telebroad so you can connect to our VoIP server. 


MizuDroid can be downloaded and installed from Google's Play Store (formerly known as Android Market).

  • Make sure you are connected to internet either via a Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G connection.

    (If the later doesn't works make sure Mobile data is enabled)

  • Do one of the following:

  • Tap or click the magnifying glass icon and search for MizuDroid application.

    You can also follow the direct link to the app here.

  • Tap or click the MizuDroid SIP VOIP Softphone app, as seen above, to open the installation window.

  • Tap of click the Install button.

    The Android permissions prompt will open, asking you to give supply the application with certain permisions. These permissions are needed for the proper functioning of the application.

    Tap or click the Accept button.

  • The app will be downloaded and installed on your mobile device. You can open it directly from the store, or from the icon that will be created on one of your device windows.


Before you can start using the Mizu-droid app you need to setup your SIP account on it so it can connect to a VoIP server.

When starting application for the first time, you will be automatically taken to the settings page. if you accidentally leave this screen you can access it again by tapping the Menu icon on the top right corner and selecting Settings.

There are numerous settings for the application, but in order to setup your account you only need to enter the proper login information in the Server, Username and Password  fields. Any other settings can be left as default for now.

  • Tap Server field and enter type in the address for Telebroad VoIP server -

  • Tap the Username field and enter the SIP username provided to you by Telebroad.

  • Tap the Password field and enter the password associated with your account.

  • Tap the OK button to save the information and perform a login.

  • You will see the app's dial screen with a message "Authentication successful" on the top right corner.

    If you made typos with either your username or password you will get a message "Authentication failed. Wrong username/password." In this case, access the settings screen and re-enter your login information. 

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