Provisioning Cisco SPA Devices

Initial Setup

Before you go ahead with the provision process of a Cisco SPA phone, you need make sure the phone is connected to your network and booted up. To connect the phone plug an ethernet cable to the port on the back or the bottom of the phone marked with SW.

If the phone is new or has been brought over from another provider or account it will need to be reset to Factory Defaults.

To reset the phone:

  • Press Menu button on your phone and choose Settings.

  • Navigate to Factory Reset and press Select.

  • The phone should reset and factory settings will be restored.

Provision Methods

There are two ways to provision a Cisco SPA device:

  • Using the the Link on Lan URL.

  • Using a web interface on a computer or a mobile device.

Provisioning With the Link on Lan Method

With this method you first need to obtain the local IP address of the device(s) that need to be provisioned (Ex.

To find the IP address:

  • Press the Menu key.

  • Select Status.

  • Select Network.

  • The address should be listed under IP Address or Current IP. 

Provisioning From a Web Interface

Telebroad prefers that you use the Link on LAN method over the Web Interface method to setup and start Auto-Provisioning for Cisco SPA devices. The reason for this is that to access the web interface for the phone(s) you need to login to the it using a computer and browser on the same network as the device.

If a support technician needs to provision a phone remotely they will either need access to the customer's router or use a remote Desktop/Screen sharing application such as the one available from Telebroad at

Once you are ready to provision you can perform the following steps:

  • You should obtain the phone's IP address as shown above in the Link on Lan method (Ex.

  • Enter the IP address into a browser's URL address box and click login.

    The phone will be accessed and the web interface will open.

  • Click the Provision tab.

  • Click on Admin>Advanced.

  • Find the Profile Rule field and enter the following:$MA.xml

  • If applicable, make sure the Provision Enable setting is set to Yes.

  • Press the Submit All Changes button at the bottom of the page.

  • The phone should reboot itself, but if it doesn't just reboot the phone manually.

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