Cisco 7960 Factory Reset and Provision

  This guides assume the Cisco 7960 is already in SIP mode. See instruction below if it is not.

Factory Reset

To reset the Cisco 7960 to factory defaults do the following:

  • Power Cycle the phone by unplugging the phone and plugging it back in.

  • Hold (pound) key while phone is turning back on

    You should see a "Reset Key Detected" prompt.

  •  Let go of (pound) key and enter 123456789*0#

  • When prompted to "Save Network Settings" press 2 to select No. 

The phone should now be Factory Reset.


Once the phone has been reset the following steps should provision the phone:

  • Press Settings.

  •  Press the 9 key or select Unlock Config

    You should be prompted for a password.

  • Enter "cisco" (lower case and without quotes)

    After provisioning the password will be altered. Telebroad will provide you with the new password should you need to provision again.

  • Press the 3 key or select Network Configuration.

  • Scroll down to option 32 and select Yes.

  • Scroll to the TFTP Server option (can be option 7 or 8 depending on firmware).

    Change the TFTP Server by pressing Edit and enter

    (the Asterisk(*) key types a ".")

  • You may need to delete the that exists by using the "<--" key

  • Press Accept.

  • Press Save.

The phone should now reboot and be provisioned.

SIP Mode

If the phone is not already on SIP mode after factory reset you may need to switch it over.

To do so follow these steps:

  • Press Settings

  • Find the Alternate TFTP Option.

  • Switch this option to Yes.

  • Go to the TFTP Option.

  • Enter

  • Allow the phone ample time [up to 10 minutes] to switch modes!

Checking for SIP mode is as simple as seeing if Option 9 under settings say Unlock Config. There will be only 6 options under Settings if the phone is not in SIP mode.

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