Microsoft Dynamics CRM Intergation

Telebroad offers a seamless integration solution between Telebroad’s own PBX system and Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM - one of the more popular Customer Relationship Management platforms on the market. The solution provides some key features to streamline and increase productivity for any call center or business that handle large call volumes. Setting up and activating the integration is hassle free and requires minimal interference with the work routine of users

The integration offers the following tools:

  • Click to dial - Any phone number registered in the CRM data base now appears as a telephone link, allowing users to initiate a call with a click of a button. This great time saving tool ends the need to dial numbers manually and eliminates dialing errors.

  • Automatic cross referencing - The system passes the client’s caller ID to the CRM which automatically cross references it and displays relevant records to the attending agent . The agent no longer needs to inquire the client about his personal information. He is able to greet the client and offer a more personal customer experience. Additionally the agent will instantly have access to the CRM notes about the client, giving him a better perspective about the client’s possible needs.

  • Automatic call details registration  - Call duration, call start time, call end time, call date, and details of the attending agent are automatically registered in the CRM system, even if no notes were taken during the conversation with a client.  

  • Floating notes window - CRM windows are loaded with wealth of details for the benefit of the attending agent. While this is a good thing, it also requires an agent to constantly scroll up and down which can make him lose track of call notes. Telebroad’s CRM integration solves this with a floating  window that always stays on the same place on the screen. Notes entered here by the agent get recorded in the client’s CRM records. This feature works for both inbound and outbound calls.

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