Settings and Profile

Tap the Menu button on the top right corner to access the TeleConsole's Settings and Profile.

(from this menu you also access Messages, Call History, Contacts, and Call Out)


Tap anywhere in the profile area to open the Profile menu.

Here you can:

  • Enter or edit your First Name, Last name, and Phone Number which will be seen by other TeleConsole users.

  • Edit your Email. But if you use your email as your user name when signing in, you would need to contact us to set you up with a new logging password.

  • Change your password.

    Enter the changed password in the New Password field then confirm it in the Confirm Password.

  • Tap the Camera icon to add a profile picture.

    A window will open with links to your local galleries and files for selecting an existing picture. Or you can tap the Camera icon to take a picture with your device's internal camera.


Tap anywhere in the profile area to open the Profile menu.

Messages Settings

These settings allows a user to select between different channels (phone lines), for different business identities. It is very useful, for example, if an agent works with two different products and sets of clients. Clients of one product can leave him messages on one voicemail and clients of the other product will use the other voicemail.

Multiple channels are setup by your administrator or by contacting Telebraod.

Even if you need to use only one channel and even if only one channel is available to you, you still need to make sure to checkmark it. If you don't checkmark a channel you will not be able to see your voicemails and eFaxes and will not be able to send SMS messages.

  • Voicemail Channels - Tap to checkmark all voicemail channels you want to be active from the existing choices, even if there is only one choice. Then tap SAVE.
  • eFax Channels - Tap to checkmark all eFax channels you want to be active from the existing choices, even if there is only one choice. Then tap SAVE.

  • SMS Lines - Tap to checkmark SMS channels you want to be active from the existing choices, even if there is only one choice. Then tap SAVE.

    SMS lines need to be activated for you by Telebroad or your administrator.

General Settings

  • Default SMS line For Outgoing Messages - Select the default SMS line for outgoing messages from among the SMS lines you activated above.

  • Default Call Out Location - The default choice here is Teleconsole VOIP Phone. Self explanatory.

    Tap ADD NEW and you will be prompted to enter your device's phone number. After entering this number you will be able to switch between making VoIP calls and making cellular calls - from within the TeleConsole (cellular calls can always be made from your mobile device as usual.)

    See the user guide for
    Making and Receiving Calls for more info.

  • Default Caller ID for Outgoing  Calls - Calls made from the TeleConsole can have different caller IDs phone numbers shown to your customers, as per your choice. You can even select Unknown to hide your caller ID completely.

  • Call forwarding - You can have inbound calls to your TeleConsole's number forwarded to another number. For example you can have calls forwarded to a landline temporarily if you don't have reliable 3G or Wi-Fi reception.

    Tap this setting to toggle it on and enter the forwarding phone, then tap FORWARD.

    Toggle the forward switch to the off position to stop forwarding.

    To edit the forwarding number you have to switch forwarding off and than on again.

    When forwarding is activated only your Telebroad's inbounding calls will be forwarded, and not calls dialled to your personal mobile number. If you do want to forward your personals calls refer to this Android forwarding guide.

  • Push Notifications - Toggle this setting on to have notifications about any new voicemails, messages, or eFaxes displayed in the Android notification bar, also known as the status bar. Toggle it off to stop the notifications.

  • Do Not Disturb - Use this when you wish to be not disturbed by phone calls. When this setting is toggled on your phone will not ring. Instead calls will go directly to voicemail or a second phone with your TeleConsole account, if you have one set up. Also fellow agents from your company will see Do Not Disturb next to your name in their contacts, advising them not to initiate calls with you.

    Important - enabling Do Not Disturb on your mobile phone or device has no effect on your regular office phone. Your office phone will keep ringing as usual until you enable Do Not Disturb on it separately using your office computer or the phone's own settings.

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