Making and Receiving Calls

Starting a call is performed from from the Call Out screen. You can access it in two ways:

  • From the TeleConsole's menu.

  • From any other menu that has the dialer icon.

The Call Out screen is very straightforward. Simply dial the phone number you wish to call and tap the phone icon to initiate the call.

As you start entering a number the Add To Contact icon will appear on the screen. Tap it and you will be prompted to Create New Contact or Add (the number) to Existing contact. When creating a new contact you can choose to Add (it) to Phone - save it on your phone's internal or SIM memory, or Add to Teleconsole - which will save it in your Teleconsole's account.

See the contacts user guide for more info.

Call Screen options

When you make or receive a call you will be presented with the call screen options.

Tap the red phone icon to end the call.

Tap Mute to silence the microphone on your end, so the person you are talking with cannot hear you.

Tap Dialpad to display a dialpad screen, useful for calling extensions or making a selections from phone menus.

Tap Speaker to activate or deactivate the phone's internal speaker.

Tap Switch to switch between using VoIP - with your TeleConsole's number, or your mobile number - in case you are experiencing connectivity issues with VoIP.

Tap Hold to place the call on hold. The person you are talking with will hear background music.

Tap Hold again to resume the call.

Tap Transfer to transfer the call to another contact.

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