How to Select a Caller ID?

Caller ID is the number presented to clients you call, and it can be the same or different than the actual number of your company. 

Having alternative caller ID is useful, for example, for a call center working with more than one product or service. Or you may want to have a specific caller ID for an ad campaign or a new product launch etc.

It is also possible to set caller ID to Unknown, which is useful in cases where you don't want to reveal your number to clients.

To select the caller ID:

  • Tap the TeleConsole's menu and select Settings.

  • Find and tap Default Caller ID for Outgoing  Calls.

  • A list of available Caller ID numbers will be displayed. This list is created by your administrator. If you require any additional numbers you should request them from him.

    Select the Caller ID from the list shown.

  • Tap Save. 

    The caller ID will be now used for all your outbound calls as well as your outbound faxes.

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