What to Do If You Cannot Send an SMS Message?

Note the difference between SMS messages to outside contacts and chat messages to inside company contacts. Chat messages will always function and require no special setup.

SMS messages, however, are using their own phone numbers (refereed to as channels), separate from the numbers you are using to make calls. Before you can even consider sending and receiving SMS messages, you must have one or more business SMS numbers activated and assigned to you by Telebroad or your system administrator.

Once you have one or more SMS numbers assigned to you, you will need to have it activated 

To activate an SMS number:

  • Tap the TeleConsole's menu and select Settings.

  • In settings find and tap SMS Channels.

  •  Tap to checkmark SMS channels you want to be active from the existing choices.

    Important - even if there is only one choice, you still must checkmark it.

  • Tap SAVE.

  • If there is a choice of more than one SMS channel assigned to you you also need to tap Default SMS Line For Outgoing Messages and select the number to be used when sending messages. You can change your selection here to accommodate different groups of clients, products, campaigns etc.

  • You are now ready to send and receive SMS messages. 

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