How to Deal with Static and Noise Interference?

There may be situations where poor Wi-Fi (or 3G/4G) reception will lead to static noise and call quality issues. To handle this problem you need to switch the TeleConsole to use your cellular network instead of a data network.

If you are nearby a landline you may also solve the problem by temporarily forwarding your number, as explained here. 

Follow these steps to perform the switch:

  • Tap the TeleConsole's menu and select Settings.

  • Find the Default Call Out Location settings.

    The default choice here is Teleconsole VOIP Phone. This will use your data network and need to be changed to fix the problem.

  • Tap ADD NEW and you will be prompted to enter your device's phone number, which will allow the TeleConsole to use your cellular carrier network.

    Tap ADD to approve the addition.

    You may add more than one number, in case you have a phone that supports more than one SIM.

  • Tap SAVE.

  • Your phone will now use the cellular network directly for making calls, and depending on cellular reception quality, you should not experience static and noise Interference.

  • After adjusting the settings here, you can also switch between TeleConsole's VoIP and your cellular settings on directly while conducting a call.

    If you are experiencing connectivity issues while using a data network, simply tap Switch and the TeleConsole will immediately start using your cellular network for the call. Obviously this only works if you entered your cellular phone number.

    See the user guide for Making and Receiving Calls for more info. 

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