How to Stop Receiving Alerts?

Whenever you receive new calls, the TeleConole will continuously display alerts in the notifications bar (also known as the status bar) of your android device. Sometimes you want to stop those notifications. To do that you you simply have to enable Do Not Disturb mode, also known as DND.

To enable Do Not Disturb:

  • Tap the TeleConsole's menu and select Settings.

  • Toggle Do Not Disturb on.

    When this setting is toggled on your phone will also not ring. Instead calls will go directly to voicemail or a second phone with your TeleConsole account, if you have one set up. Also fellow agents from your company will see Do Not Disturb next to your name in their contacts, advising them not to initiate calls with you.

  • Important - enabling Do Not Disturb on your mobile phone or device has no effect on your regular office phone. Your office phone will keep ringing as usual until you enable Do Not Disturb on it separately using your office computer or the phone's own settings.

  • When you wish to see call notifications and have your phone ring, simply toggle Do Not Disturb off.

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