What Are Company Contacts and Personal Contacts?

Contacts in the TeleConsole are split into Personal contacts and Company contacts.

Perosnal Contacts

Personal Contacts refer to all your business personal contacts. That is clients or costumers that you work with (as opposed to fellow workers that you work with).  These are marked with a purple icon.

In the mobile TeleConsole version, personal contacts also include your private personal contacts from your phone. These are marked with a blue icon and the word MOBILE next to the contact's name.

You can also think of personal contacts as outside contacts - that is contacts outside the internal phone system in your office.

You can create new personal contacts, edit them, and delete them.

When adding any kind of a new personal contact, it can be stored on either your phone or on the Telebroad server in your TeleConsole account.

Company Contacts

Company contacts is a list that includes all the users, agents, and co-workers on your office phone system. Instead of phone numbers, a direct extension number is shown below the name of each user. 

You can also think of company contacts as inside contacts - that is contacts solely on the internal phone system in your office. As such, company contacts only exist on the Telebroad's servers, completely independent from your phone.

Company contacts are created by your telephone system administrator. Every time a new worker joins the company, the administrator creates a system record for him and assigns him an extension. This new worker will automatically show up in your company contacts list.

You cannot create, edit, or delete company contacts.

You can only tap them to to display two options to  initiate either a call or a chat.

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