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Installing the CRM Pointer

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Logging in and Configuration

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The CRM Pointer is a Windows plugin that adds the functionality of desktop notifications or automatic web site searches for incoming and outgoing calls. It gives you the freedom to switch away from the TeleConsole to other web pages or programs, without missing on any calls.  

  • See pop-up notifications about all incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Access a quick log of all incoming and outgoing calls noted by the app.

  • Have a web page open with an automatic search of the caller's Caller ID.

Installation and Removal

Installing the CRM Pointer

To install CRM Pointer download it from the following link (or copy-paste it to your browser):

A file called crm.exe will be downloaded into either your Downloads folder or any folder that is designated by your browser's settings. Click it to run it, or click the download menu next to the file name and you can select Open to run it directly or Show in folder to look at the file first and than double click it to run it.

Depending on your version of Windows, you may see one or several notifications about the application trying to make changes to your device or that the publisher is not being recognized. These are normal. Just approve any such notification to proceed by clicking Allow.  With windows 10, Windows Defender's SmartScreen may open with such warnings. You need to click More info>Run anyways to continue the installation.

Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation. When the installation is done you can proceed to configure the settings (see below).

Uninstalling the CRM Pointer

If you decide to uninstall the CRM Pointer, you will need to launch the Control Panel or Settings, depending on your Windows version.

  • On Windows 8.1 and earlier versions you need to access the Control Panel screen and select Programs>Remove a program installation.

    Scroll down to find the "The Telebroad CRM Pointer" with publisher listed as "Telebroad".

    Select or check it and click Uninstall/Change at the top of the programs list.

    Approve the request to uninstall the plugin when prompted.

  • On Windows 10 you need to access the Settings screen and select Apps.

    On the Apps & features screen scroll down to find "The Telebroad CRM Pointer".

    Click it to reveal the related options and select Uninstall.

Logging in and Configuration

Once the installation is complete you will be takes to the Settings screen, also accessible from the system tray (see below).

For the app to have access to your calls, you need to enter your TeleConsole login credentials in the User name: and Password: fields then click Validate

A line will be selected automatically. If you have more than one line, select the one you want the app to generate notifications for from the Line: drop-down menu.

You can choose to receive notifications only for incoming calls or outgoing calls. Uncheck the corresponding field to stop getting notification for it. If you uncheck both fields you will stop getting notifications at all, effectively disabling the plugin. 

Checking the Strip leading digit field is useful for a situation where you have to dial a digit (9 in most cases) to access an outside line.

By default the Show notification radio button is selected. If you select Open Web browser, instead of a notification a web page will open. The URL for the page is given just below in the URL to open: field. You can change it to anything you like. The default URL will perform a Google search of the incoming phone number. The term {number} inserts the number to the search operation. The syntax is{number}. You can replace Google with your preferred search engine. 

You can also select how to open the web page:

  • If you select External, you will be switched to your System default browser or any browser that you select in the drop-down menu of this selection. The page will open as a full screen or the matching size of the browser's window.

  • If you select Internal , you will remain with the currently active program and the page will open as a separate floating window.

  • In the fields next to Internal you can modify the number of seconds the window will stay opened before it get automatically closed (a "0" value will not close it at all). You can also set the window size and position.

Click Save once you finished changing any values or on initial setup. Click Cancel to not save any changes - only relevant if this is not an initial setup. Click Reset to change all fields to their default values, but keeping your login credentials.

System Tray Menu

The CRM Pointer has a small menu that can be accessed from the system tray. The icon is shown as either the Telebroad logo   when no calls have been logged yet, or a telephone icon after calls have been logged.

Settings will take you to the settings screen as described above.

About will open a window with information about the current version of the CRM pointer. The window has a button for opening a log folder, useful for providing Telebroad with information about any problems you may have experienced with the plugin. 

Exit will completely disable the plugin. It is better to uncheck both Incoming and Outgoing calls instead, unless if you experience any conflicts with other programs performance issues. 

If you have exited by mistake you can reopen it from this path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Telebroad:CRMPointer\TelebroadCRMPointer.exe


When the CRM is set to display notifications, they will be marked with green icon for incoming calls and blue icon   for outgoing calls. 

Interestingly enough, if you make an outgoing call you will get both an outgoing notification as well as an incoming one. This is because the system is setup for automatic answering. It dials you and the number you called simultaneously and effectively creates a mini-conference call. 

You can click the Open URL button to search information about the corresponding phone number in the default web browser. This may show search results with the website of the company of the caller or some relevant sites.

The CRM pointer call log can be accessed from system tray.  Clicking on the green telephone icon or the Telebroad icon (they flash intermittently) will open a log of the calls you made or received. You can click the X icon next to any call record to dismiss it from the list. You can also Dismiss All records or open the Settings... for the pointer.

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