Do Not Disturb

You can use DND to reject incoming calls automatically on the phone. Callers will receive a busy message. All calls you receive while DND is enabled are logged to your missed calls list.

To enable DND:

  • Press the DND soft key to enable DND when the phone is idle.

  • The   icon on the idle screen indicates that DND is enabled.

  • Incoming calls will be rejected automatically and "n New Missed Call(s)" ("n" indicates the number of missed calls. e.g., 1 New Missed Call(s)) will appear on the LCD screen.

    The prompt message will display only if Missed Call Log is enabled. Missed call log is configurable via web user interface at the path Account->Basic.

When DND and busy forward are enabled, calls will be sent to the configured destination number. For more information on busy forward, see this article.

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