How to Change the Color of a Queue?

Assigning different colors to queues is a great way to differentiate between them visually.


Here is how you can change the color of a Queue:


  • Click the ACD Panel menu and select Queue Manager.

  • Open the Queue Settings for the the queue you wish to alter by clicking the queue itself.

  • Select the third setting - Queue Representation Color. 

    It has a color swatch showing the existing queue color as well as a hexadecimal RGB value for that color (each digit pair representing either a Red, Green, or Blue value.) 

  • Click on either the swatch or RGB value. This will open a color color selection window.

  • Since computers are able to display 16.7 million colors, it is impractical to show a color selection windows with all those colors at once.

    Instead, the color selection window has a color spectrum bar on the right side. Pick a color region of the spectrum and then select a more specific hue on the left side of the window.

    The Queue's color is updated on the fly.

  • Click on the Color Swatch or RGB value to close the color selection window.

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