What to Do If You Forgot Your Password or User Name?

Accessing the TeleConsole

If you forgot your TeleConsole password or User name, you can access a screen that will help you rest or retrieve it.

Before doing so remember that your password is case sensitive (your user name is not) so you may want to try reentering it with consideration to the letter case!

Depending on how you sign in, you can reset the password for either your TeleConsole or Google account. 

For either access method, you can open the TeleConsole from https://app.telebroad.com or by going to Telebroad's home page and

  • If you are on a desktop computer click the menu button on the top-right corner and select Login>Teleconsole.

  • If you are on a mobile device tap the menu button on the top-right corner, tap the login menu, and select TeleConsole.

TeleConsole Account Reset

Click Forgot your password? and a new window will open where you can select either I forgot my User name or I forgot my passwordProvide your email address and click Continue.

If you selected "I forgot my user name" an email with your user name will be sent to you.

If you selected "I forgot my password" you will be prompted that an email with a reset code has been sent to you. This code identifies and authenticates you and helps prevents accidental or false password reset. Click GOT IT to confirm the prompt and move on to the next screen. 

Copy and paste the code from your email in the Reset code field of the new screen. You can also click the link in the email to open this screen with the code already inserted in the field.

Enter a new password and reenter it to make sure you made no typos entering it. Click Reset Password.

If all details entered are correct you can now use the new password to sign in. 

If you can't see the email from us look in your SPAM folder. If you still don't see the email try sending it again

Still can't see the email? You can contact us for help:

  • Dial 611 from any Telebroad phone

  • Dial  (877) 6-Telebroad (Toll Free)

  • Email: support@telebroad.com

  • Or see this link for more contact information or to submit an online communication form.

Google Account Password Reset

If you sign in to your account with Google or Microsoft credentials, click Sign in with Google on the sign-in screen. A new screen will open with its own options to recover your email or reset your password. 

Resetting the password from this screen will affect your entire Google account and not just your Telebroad account! You will need to sign in with the new password you create to any Google or Microsoft service you use.

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