How to Change Your Voicemail PIN?

Your voicemail PIN, Personal Identification Number, protects your voicemail and provides you with privacy. You enter it when you call your voicemail to access your messages from outside the TeleConsole.

  A PIN contains only numeric digits and must be at least four digits long. It can be as long as one hundred digits. 

To change your PIN:

  •  Log into the TeleConsole and click the Settings button.

  • Scroll down to Voicemail settings and click Change voicemail pin.

  • Enter a number in the New PIN field, confirm it to make sure you made no typos, and click the checkmark button on the top right corner.

    You will get a message saying "Voicemail PIN successfully changed!"

  • If you decided not to change your PIN, just click the backward arrow on the top left corner.

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