What to Do If You Don't See Your Voicemails? (Legacy Version)

If you can't see your voicemails on the new version of the Web TeleCosnole, refer to this article.

Your phone is ringing. You know for sure that people are leaving you voice messages. And yet, you can't see any indication of voicemails in the TeleConsole. Instead, you are are getting a "No voicemails yet" message.

This is happening because the TeleConsole let you select between one or several mailbox lines for your voicemail. You need to make sure at least one of these lines is selected and checked.

To select a mailbox:

  • Click on the TeleConsole menu on the upper left corner.

  • Click on Mailbox to expand the sub-menu. A list of your available mailboxes will appear.

    Check the mailboxes you want to use, 
    even if it is the only one listed.

  • Your voicemails for the selected mailbox(es) will now become available. 

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