Making Calls and Sending SMS/Chat Messages and Faxes

Calls, Messages (SMS/MMS), and faxes are handled from the communication tab at the bottom of the TeleConsole's window.


These choices are rather straightforward but there are some details here that you should be aware of.

New Call

To make a call, click digits on the virtual dial pad or type them in the Search for contact field. You can also start typing a name to show matching contacts.

Click the green phone icon to initiate the call.

Internal contacts inside your company have a brown icon, while external ones have a blue icon. There is also an internal contact represented by a gray icon just for your call-center manager, also refereed as ACD administrator.

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Before making the call you have the option to select a Caller ID - the number that the recipient will see.

To select the ID click on the menu button
and then select either Default - your company's main number, Unknown - which will hide your number, or any number that is available for selection. The available numbers are predefined by your administrator and he can set you up with additional specific numbers.

Caller ID can also be set from the Settings menu. Read more about it here

New Message 

You can send the message to one or multiple contacts. Type a name to find a contact in the Search for contact field and click to add it to the list of recipients for the message you are composing. 

You can also just type a phone number in the field for if it does not exits in your  contact list!

After selecting all the recipients just enter the text of the message in the Send message field and click   (paper airplane icon) on the bottom right.

Click   to add emojis to your message. You can find emojis by name using the emojis own SEARCH field.

Click   to attach a image to your message. A preview image window will open after you select one from your computer. Click the X icon to remove it or click the paper plane icon to send it. To send a text message with the image make sure to type the text before you tap the attach button.

As in calls, internal contacts have a brown icon, while external ones have a blue one. 


This is an important distinction to note. Because internal messages, to fellow workers in your company or your call-center manager (ACD Admin), will be handled like chat conversation - similar to any other instant messaging app you use on you personal computer or smart phone. They appear in your list of messages marked with a   icon.

But messages sent to external contacts will be converted to an SMS  - Short Message Service (or MMS if it contains any media), also simply known as Text Messages, and be sent directly to the client's mobile phone number. They appear in your list of messages marked with a   icon.

In the example above notice how it says chat under the name of the two internal contacts (Alexander and Dorothy), while listing a phone number under the external contact (David).

What this means is that an internal message, basically have two computers (or mobile devices - a tablet or smart phone) at each end of the conversation. But an SMS message between you and an external contact has your computer at one end and a mobile phone number at the other end. Since SMS messages are exchanged between two phone numbers, your TeleConsole account must be set up with an SMS phone number to make this work (one that is different from your regular number used for calls!). It is SMS number associated with a VoIP account rather that to an actual mobile phone. The recipient may be real mobile or also a VoIP account number. Regardless, two SMS numbers are required.

You can click the menu button to the right of New Message to select your SMS phone number, or just make a note of it in order to provide it to clients.

  If you don't see any SMS number available for selection, you need to contact us since SMS numbers are set up manually.

While an SMS number is different than your default phone number,  it is easy possible to set your phone number with a caller ID that matches your SMS number. This way you will only need to provide clients with one phone number. 

New Fax

You can send the fax to one or multiple contacts. Type a name to find a contact in the Search for contact field and click to add it to the list of recipients for the fax.

After selecting all the recipients drag-and-drop the file to be faxed to the Drop file here box or click click here to navigate to it on your computer. Than Click SEND FAX

Just like in making a call, you can select a caller ID for the fax from the menu button. The recipient will see the fax from either your Default company number or a specific number available from the list. Unlike calls, you cannot send a fax from an unknown caller ID.

Faxes going to internal numbers will be available in the TeleConsole's message center of other agents. Faxes going to external numbers need to be sent to numbers connected to an actual fax machine or a fax software.  

The fax feature accepts and supports all major image formats including PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG etc. PDF is the default format.

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