What Is BLF and How to Use It With Speed Dial Settings?

BLF stands for Busy Lamp Field. It is a collection of lights on a phone that show who is talking on other extensions. Usually it will have a green light for a free extension and a blinking red light for a busy extension. This helps you see if other agents are busy before calling them by pushing the button connected to their extension.


Speed Dial - allows you to assign complex long phone numbers to keys on your phone, making it possible to dial those numbers with one push of a button.

In general, Speed Dial is aimed for external numbers while BLF is aimed for internal numbers or extensions. 

They both work the same, allowing call dialing with a push of a button,  except that with BLF you also get the busy light indicator as the system is able to display the status of internal users.

  The Speed Dial and BLF buttons setup defines the physical buttons on your phone. Presently the TeleConsole does not have a software equivalent for those buttons. You set them up in the TeleConsole, but can only use them with a physical phone. 

To set up BLF and Speed Dial:

  • Access the TeleConsole Settings by clicking on the gear icon on top right corner.

  • Under Phone settings, click Speed dial & BLF monitoring.

  • Once you enter the setting screen click the plus icon on the bottom right to add a new entry. The entries will be added in a sequence corresponding to the physical buttons on your phone. 

  • There are three fields in each entry.

    • On the first field add a Description for each entry like the name of a client for a Speed Dial entry or the name of a fellow worker for a BLF entry.

    • On the second field select the type of the entry - BLF or Speed Dial

    • Depending on your entry type selection-

      • If the type is a Speed Dial enter a phone number in the third field. 

      • If it is a BLF select an internal phone line or extension from the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu has two rows, one for the extension and one for the internal phone line. If extension was not setup for the line both rows will just show the line number. 

        For BLF type, If you scroll to the bottom of the drop-down extensions menu you will see that you do get the choice to enter a Custom input. This does give you the choice to enter a phone number instead of an extension. Obviously the phone number you enter should be on a system that supports BLF to make this work. 

Speed dial and BLF can also be set up using the PUT/speedial REST API request.

   Once you create new entries or change existing ones if it very important that you reboot your phone for it to acquire the changes from the TeleConsole.  We have rebooting instructions for the majority of phones we support. See respective phones user manuals.

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