Click to Call (click2call)

What is Click2call?

(click to call) is a Google Chrome browser extension that converts phone numbers into clickable links for quick dialing using your Telebroad phone number. It also offers a time-saving automatic dialing feature.

If you try to run the extension from another browser you will be taken to the Chrome Web Store and be prompted to download Chrome (you can also install Chrome directly from here.)

Installation and Removal

Installing Click2Call

  • Do one of the following:

    • Access the click2call extension directly on the Chrome Web Store with this URL.

    • On Telebroad's home page click App Marketplace.

      (If your browser's window is scaled down access Apps Marketplace from the    side menu instead.)

      Scroll down and select click2call in the "Apps and integrations for your daily needs" section and click Get It Now to be taken to the Chrome Web Store, where you can download the extension from.

  • Select Add to Chrome.

    You will be prompted to approve to Add Extension (or Cancel) with details of the permissions the extension will be granted. The extension will be downloaded and automatically installed in your Chrome browser. Its icon will appear just next to the Chrome menu and to the right of the address bar.

Uninstalling Click2Call

To uninstall the extension right-click its icon, just next to the address bar, and select Remove from Chrome... 

You can also uninstall the extension by clicking Manage extensions.

If you have hidden the extension's icon, click on Chrome's menu and select Extensions>More tools. Find the Click2Call extension and click Remove.

Extension Options

When you right-click the icon of the extension you have several additional options:

  • Clicking Telebroad Click2Call will just take you back to the Google Chrome Store where you can click Remove from Chrome to uninstall the extension.

  • Click2call Rescan Page will rescan the current web page for phone numbers and assign them with dialing links

  • Clicking This can read and change site data option lets you determine the permissions for the extension. Select to make it active On all sites, only on the site the browser is currently focusing on (On in the example... so if you have other tabs or pages, the extension will not function on them), or only When you click the extension.

  • Options will take you to the setup screen (see below).

  • Hide in Chrome menu will push the extension out of view (it is still active, but you can't click it.) To unhide it click-drag leftward from the edge of the address bar, just next to the star (bookmark) icon.

  • Manage extensions has several additional options that duplicate the choices discussed here already. Two that are more useful are the On toggle and the Allow in incognito. Use the former when you want to temporarily disable the extension for any reason instead of uninstalling it. Use the latter if you work in Chrome's incognito mode to protect your privacy.

Logging In and Setting Up

Click the Click icon or right-click it and select options to open the login and setup window. Enter your User Name and Password (the same as you use in Teleconsole) and click Proceed

Once your TeleConsole credentials are verified with the Telebroad server the setup choices will be displayed:

  • You can click Switch Account if more than one user is using the same computer or if you have more than one TeleConsole account.

  • Select a phone number from the Phone drop-down menu. This is the line that will be used for making calls with the extension.

  • The caller ID associated with the phone line will  automatically show in the Caller ID field. You can manually change it to any other caller ID that is available on your phone system.

  • Enter any Prefix, if you use one, that is used by your phone system before you dial an external number (for example dialing 9 to get an outside line.)

  • Check Auto Answer to allow the app to automatically answer an incoming call (you will not have to push an answer button) when the Call Me Second option is enabled.

  • Call Me Second  instead of making a call and waiting for the recipient to pick up, the extension will first call the recipient and once he answers it will call you.

  • Check Detect Phone Number to allow the extension to scan web pages for phone numbers and convert them into links. This really gives you the one-click-to-call capabilities of the app, but if you disable this you can still make calls in three clicks by highlighting a phone number and right-clicking it (see below).

Click Save and you will get a message that the extension is now active. You can click it for a small menu that gives you access to the settings page and a toggle for enabling or disabling Detect Phone Numbers.



One Click 

If the Detect Phone Numbers option is enabled any phone number on a web page will be converted into a clickable link. Hover your mouse over any such link and a floating bubble window will be displayed, prompting you to call the phone number. Click the number to dial it.  

If there is any problem with a phone number not being converted to a link right-click anywhere on the problematic web page and select Click2Call Rescan Page

Three clicks 

If the Detect Phone Numbers option is disabled you can still make phone calls by highlighting a number on a web page, right-clicking it, and selecting Telebroad Click to Call:(Phone number)

Alternative Ctrl-Shift-C TeleConsole Keyboard Shortcut

If you have installed the TeleConsole app on your Mac or PC you can call phone numbers by highlighting them and using the Ctrl-Shift-C keyboard shortcut. The advantage of this feature is that you can use it with any app, software, browser, or document rather than just with the Chrome browser. The shortcut has two modes – review and automatic. You can read more about it here

Mobile Devices Alternatives

Presently only the desktop version of Chrome supports installing extensions. There are some Chromium-based mobile browsers that can use Chrome extensions and will allow you to install click2call on a mobile device. However, these browsers are not officially tested or supported by us and we cannot guarantee the click2call will function properly on them.

An Android alternative for mobile devices is to long-tap a phone number to highlight it and tap Call from the available options. This should work on most browsers, not just Chrome. You can read more about this, including how to clear the default calling app.

For iOS use the Safari browser that automatically assigns links you can tap to on to dial phone numbers. 

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