Blind Transfer

With a blind transfer you can automatically transfer a call without talking to the other person immediatly after you dial his number.

To hear that the call rings at the other person's line or to talk to him before the transfer completes refer to consultative transfer.

Another transfer method, using Telebroad's system features, allows you to transfer a call directly to a voicemail of your choice.


To perform a blind transfer:

  • Do one of the following:

    • During a call, from either the Lines or Calls view,  press    .

      The active call is placed on hold.

      Press the Blind soft key (If you don’t see it, press More>Blind.)

    • Or press the BlindXfer soft key, if it is configured.

  • Place a call to the person you want to transfer the call to.  

The call will be automatically transfers to the person you dialed. 

If you’re using a handset, complete a transfer by placing the handse in the cradle.

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