Repeat Dialing and Contacts/CRM Dialing

Manually having to repeatedly dial a number of a client can be very frustrating and time consuming for agents.

Telebroad takes the hassle out of this experience with a Repeat Dialing feature.  When an agent keeps running into a busy signal on a certain number all he needs to do is activate the feature and hang up. He can keep making other calls while the system tries to reach the busy number in the background. When busy number becomes free, the system will connect to it and ring the agen't extension.

In addition to this, Telebroad offers another great time saving feature with direct Microsoft Outlook Contacts or CRM dialing (currently using Microsoft's Dynamics CRM). An agent using this feature no longer have to enter digits manually into the phone, but instead can click on a client's phone number in either his contact book or CRM records. The number will then be dialed on his phone.

See how to dial directly from Microsoft Dynamics here.

See how to dial a Microsoft Outlook contat here

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