Click2Call (Click to call)

Click2Call (Click to call) is an outstanding convenient time saving browser plug-in that converts phone numbers on web pagess to clickable links. When the link is clicked the associated number is automatically dialed on the connected physical telephone or sofphone application.

Click2Call can saves employees a lot of time and hassle, especially if they interact with clients using CRM or other web-based logging and business tools. With call agents who spend a large chunk of their day dialing numbers the monthly time saving can amount to numerous hours. But even employees who deal with lesser call volumes will greatly benefit from not having to manually input phone numbers.

Productivity is also increased by eliminating dialing errors and executing calls with perfect accuracy. An employees can be assured that the number appearing in the CRM or other company records is the one that has been dialed without having to worry about making any manual errors due to distractions or mental fatigue.

Click2Call would dial the requested number instantly, but also offers the convenience of acting as a mini-attendant - that is calling the requested number first and only when it is answered it will ring the extension of the employee. With this feature the employee can use his time with more productive tasks while the Click2Call plug-in handles the attempt to reach busy numbers.  

The plug-in can be downloaded directly from google’s Chrome store. See more information about installing and using it here.

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