What to Do If You Cannot Send SMS Messages?

Telebroad SMS messages use their own phone numbers (referred to as channels), separate from the numbers you are using to make calls. Before you can send and receive SMS messages, you must have one or more business SMS numbers activated and assigned to you by Telebroad or your system administrator.

Once you have one or more SMS numbers assigned to you, follow these steps to have one activated and selected:

  • Tap    on the bottom right corner to access the TeleConsole's settings.

    The settings screen is divided into three categories - Channels, General, and Local Settings.

  • On the CHANNELS category tap SMS.

  • Toggle on all the SMS lines you want active, even if there is only one choice.

  • Scroll down to GENERAL settings and tap Default Outgoing SMS number.

    Select the SMS line you want to use for outgoing messages from the SMS lines you activated above. You can change your selection here to accommodate different groups of clients, products, campaigns etc.

  • You are now ready to send and receive SMS messages. 

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