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Notifications are pop-up windows and other types of informative alerts about incoming or missed calls, messages, voicemails, and faxes. Notifications are also accompanied by sounds and audio cues. They allow you to keep on top of your TeleConsole communication even when you work with other programs, applications, or web pages. 

For web notifications to work you need to login into your TeleConsole account and have it open and running in the background.

Web vs Mobile/PC Notifications

There are two types of notifications available for the TeleConsole Web version browser tabs notifications and browser notifications. These will work on desktop browsers but might not work on mobile ones. 

For mobile devices you should instead be using the iOS or Android version of the TeleConsole that supports system notifications for these systems. 

The Windows/macOS versions of the TeleConsole also features a taskbar/dock badge notifications and a toggle foor The "unread message counter" in the TeleConsole interface.

Browser Tab Notifications

This is the most basic type of notification. For incoming calls you will see a flashing red disc next to the name of the tab. A ringing sound will also be played. If you have many tabs open the Telebroad icon itself will change to a flashing red disc.

To see this notification your browser needs to be open and be visible with the tab containing the TeleConsole page. If other programs or a different browser window fill the screen you will not be able to see it.

You are able to hear the ringing sound regardless of what program or browser window you are looking at, as long as your speakers are not muted and you have provided the TeleConsole web page with sound permission (it is provided by default.)

For all other communications other than incoming calls, a speaker icon will flash once and a short audio cue will be played.

Browser Notifications

Browser notifications appear as both pop-up windows and Action Center notifications (Windows) or Notification Center messages (Mac OS). 

For browser notifications to work they need to be enabled, as explained here.

If you click a notification you will be taken to the TeleConsole where you can quickly access the relevant message or missed call.

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If you have been away from your computer and missed the notifications you can still see them listed in the Action Center or Notification Center.

On a Windows computer click the Action Center icon in the taskbar (which is usually at the bottom of the screen).

On macOS click the Notification Center icon at the upper-right corner of your Mac's menu bar.

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