Desktop vs Mobile Browser

Telebroad's TeleConsole has both a web version and a dedicated app for Android and iOS. The ACD panel, however,  is presently only supported as a web interface. This does not mean you cannot run the ACD panel from your mobile device using your preferred web browser. But since mobile displays are smaller and geared more toward portrait viewing, the interface will look different.

We will cover those differences in some relevant user guides.

You can also always switch your mobile browser to simulate desktop mode. The examples shown here are from the browser menus of Chrome (left) and Firefox(right). Other browsers will have a similar option or a User Agent settings to apply the switch.  

The look of the ACD panel will indeed be very similar to how it looks on a desktop browser, but a smaller font will be used to accommodate the smaller display. This will require you to constantly zoom in and out, making for a less efficient workflow. You may just want to switch between the modes as needed.

If you are using a tablet (or a phone with a large enough screen) you can also try rotate your device to landscape orientation. Make sure to first activate the Auto Rotate option in the quick settings menu. The ACD Panel will be displayed with the  desktop interface and look, although some panels and fields will be stacked on top of each other and you will still have to scroll down to see them.   

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