What Is the Call Priority for Different TeleConsole Clients?

The TeleConsole has five different versions Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Web. Additionally your TeleConsole account can be integrated with other platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics or Zoho. You are likely to use more than one client or integration at a time, especially if you need to to have a TeleConsole access away from your desk.

If you are using more than one client, which one gets priority for incoming calls?

The answer is none.

When different clients run simultaneously (with you signed in to all), an incoming call will ring on all of them! The call will then route to whichever client has picked up the call on first. All other clients will stop ringing.


The one exception for this is that the TeleConsole Web client automaticlly answers the call at the same time when you pick it up on any other client, resulting in the call being available on two different clients or devices. To avoid this simply close or sign out of the Web client when unused.

Note also that Do Not Disturb is local to each client and does not affect other TeleConsole clients. When you have DND on one client it will simply not receive calls. But calls will still ring on the other active clients. 

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