TeleConsole Web (Legacy Version)– Messages (SMS/MMS and Chats)


Chats are messages exchanged with internal contacts (fellow workers or agents in your company or your call-center manager – ACD Admin). They appear in your list of messages marked with an   icon.

Messages exchanged with external contacts are converted to an SMS – Short Message Service (or MMS if it contains any media), also simply known as Text Messages. 

You must have an SMS number activated for your account to be able to send SMS messages (it is a separate number from your regular TeleConsole number). The recipient must also have an SMS number, either on a real mobile telephone or one associated with a VoIP account. 

SMS messages appear in your list of messages marked with an   icon.

Access and Searching

The Messages tab gives you access to both chats and SMS/MMS conversations. Access it by clicking at the top of the window and then selecting the Messages tab. The other available tabs here are for voicemail and faxes.  

If you have only sent or received chats the Messages tab will appear as Chat.

You can see all your communication (messages, faxes, voicemail) in one window sorted by dates if you select the All tab.

The search tab ( ) only works on the All tab, but it is very powerful. As seen in the examples here, you can search by name of callers, as well as by dates, phone numbers, and even phrases from your chats.  

Deleting Messages

If you want to delete any conversation (or fax or voicemail) you need to select it on the Messages or All tab by clicking the or icon to the left of its name. You can select multiple messages this way. Then click the DELETE button that will show at the bottom-right corner. 

Chats and SMS/MMS Conversations

Select any chat or SMS/MMS to review or continue its related conversation. The interface looks the same for either except for the information on the top. For SMS messages you will see both your active SMS number (top-right) and the recipient's number (top-left) with the icon next to them. For a chat, since no actual phone numbers are involved in the communication, you will just see the name of the recipient with the   icon next to it.

If a conversation contains an image, you can click it to get the option to Download it or Delete it from the conversation.

To continue the conversation, write a message in the Send message field and click   on the bottom-right to send it.

Click   to add emojis to your message. Click to attach an image. To send a text message with the image make sure to type the text before you tap the attach button. See more about this below.

Deleting Messages inside Conversations

If you click any individual message inside the conversation a trash can icon will be displayed. Click it and the individual message (not the conversation) will be deleted. There is no prompt to allow you to cancel the deletion once you click the trashcan. 

Sending a New Message

Send a new message by clicking the New Message button on the communication tab at the bottom of the TeleConsole window.


Selecting an SMS Phone Number

You can click the menu button to the right of New Message to select your SMS phone number (if you have more than one), or just make a note of it in order to provide it to clients.

  If you don't see any SMS number available for selection, you need to contact us since SMS numbers are set up manually.

While an SMS number is different than your default TeleCOnsole phone number, it is possible to attach a caller ID that matches your TeleConsole number to your SMS number. This way you will only need to provide clients with one phone number. 

Selecting Internal and External Contacts

You can select one or multiple contacts for the new message in the Search for contact field. You can also just type a phone number in the field.

Internal contacts have a brown icon and will be treated as chats, while external ones have a blue icon and will be treated as SMS/MMS.

In the example below, notice how it says chat under the name of the two internal contacts (Alexander and Dorothy) while listing a phone number under the external contact (David).

Emojis and Images

After selecting all the recipients just enter the text of the message in the 
Send message field and click    to send it.

Click    to add emojis to your message. You can find emojis by name using the emojis own SEARCH field.

Click   to attach an image to your message. A preview image window will open first. Click X icon if you want to remove the image. To send a text message with the image make sure to type the text before you tap the attach button.

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