TeleConsole Web (Legacy Version) – Voicemail

Access and Searching

Access your voicemails by clicking    at the top of the window and then selecting the Voicemail tab. The other available tabs here are for messages (chats and SMS/MMS) and faxes.  

You can also listen to voicemail messages and access voicemail options (such as greetings and PIN) by dialing *1 from the dial screen of the TeleConsole. See a voice prompts map and more information here. A remote voicemail access option is also available using a different dial code.

You can see all your communication (voicemails, messages, faxes) in one screen sorted by dates if you select the All tab. Voicemails are marked with the   icon.

The search tab ( ) only works on the All tab, but it is very powerful. As seen in the examples here, you can search by name of callers, as well as by dates, phone numbers, and even phrases from your chats.  

Deleting Voicemails

If you want to delete any voicemail (or faxes or messages) you need to select it on the Voicemail or All tab by clicking the    icon to the left of its name. You can select multiple messages this way. Then click the DELETE button that will show at the bottom-right corner. 

The Voicemail Screen

Click any voicemail to open its review screen. 

Here you can:

  • Playback

    Play the voicemail by clicking   . Click    to pause the playback.

    You can skip backward or forward by scrubbing the playhead ().

    Click    to mute the playback.

  • Select Call Back to call the person who left the voicemail.

  • Text the person who left the voicemail. This will open a chat or an SMS/MMS screen depending on if the person is an internal or external contact.

  • Select Send Fax to fax the person who left the message.

  • When selecting Add to Contacts the phone number of the person will be inserted in the relevant field on a new contact screen. You just have to fill in the rest of the information and save it. If the person already exists in your contacts you will see Contacts Info instead. Selecting this will open his details.

  • You can download the voicemail by clicking   and selecting Download. If you can't open the downloaded file, just rename it with a .mp3 extension.

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