TeleConsole Web (Legacy Version) – eFax

Access and Searching

Access your eFaxes by clicking   at the top of the window and then selecting the Fax tab. The other available tabs here are for messages (chats and SMS/MMS) and voicemails.  

You can see all your communication (voicemails, messages, faxes) in one screen sorted by dates if you select the All tab. Voicemails are marked with the    icon.

The search tab () only works on the All tab, but it is very powerful. As seen in the examples here, you can search by name of callers, as well as by dates, phone numbers, and even phrases from your chats.

Deleting eFaxes

If you want to delete any fax (or voicemail or messages) you need to select it in the fax or All tab by clicking the icon to the left of its name. You can select multiple messages this way. Then click the DELETE button that will show at the bottom-right corner.

The eFax Screen

Click any fax to open a screen where you can review it. The fax is kept as a PDF file attachment (appearing in blue) that you can click to download (or open in your default image or PDF viewer.) 

You can Call Back the person who left the fax, Text him, Send Fax back to him, or review his Contact info or Add (him) to contacts

Sending a New Fax

Send a new fax by clicking the New Fax button on the communication tab at the bottom of the TeleConsole window.


You can send the fax to one or multiple contacts that you add in the Search for contact field.

After selecting all the recipients drag-and-drop the file you want to fax to the Drop file here box or click click here to navigate to it. You can use all major image formats including PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc. PDF is the default format.

You can select a caller ID for the fax from the menu button. The recipient will see the fax from either your Default company number or a specific number available from the list. Unlike calls, you cannot send a fax from an unknown caller ID!

To deliver the fax click SEND FAX.

Faxes can be sent to internal company numbers and will be available in the TeleConsole's fax tab of other agents. 

Faxes going to external numbers need to be sent to numbers connected to an actual fax machine or a fax software.  

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