TeleConsole Web (Legacy Version) – Call Logs


Access the Call Logs screen by clicking the    button.

The Call Logs screen shows a chronological list of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls from internal and external callers with details including the name of the caller, his phone number, and the date and time he called. 


Callers who already exist in your contacts are listed by name and number while those who are not only appear by number. On the call log options screen (see below) you can also see a caller ID name for the caller.

  You cannot delete call log records on the legacy version of the TeleConsole web. But the new version (as well as the Windows/macOS versions) do allow it.

Call Log Tabs and Icons

There are five call log tabs. Select each to review your Outgoing calls (calls you made), your Incoming ones (calls you received), or the one you Missed. You can also review All of them together or click the magnifying glass tab to search the All tab for names, dates, and phone numbers.

When looking at the All tab, you can differentiate between Incoming, Outgoing, and Missed calls by their colors and icons:

  • Incoming calls are marked by a green arrow pointing left .

  • Outgoing calls are marked by a green arrow pointing right.

  • Missed calls are marked by a red arrow pointing left – .

Call Log Options

Selecting any call log will open a screen with options for it. If available, a caller ID name for the caller, taken from public records, will be shown here even if the caller is not in your contacts.

  • Select Call Back to call the number on the call log record.

  • Text the number on the call log record. This will open a chat or an SMS/MMS screen depending on if the person is an internal or external contact.

  • Select Send Fax to fax the number on the call log record.

  • When selecting Add to Contacts the number on the call log record will be inserted in the relevant field on a new contact screen. You just have to fill in the rest of the information and save it.

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