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Access the Contacts screen by clicking the    button.

Here you can store, edit, and view details about all your contacts including names, phone numbers, emails, and their company. 

Contacts Types and Tabs

There are three categories of contacts that are displayed on three different tabs:

  • Personal contacts include your own clients and any external contacts outside the company. A personal contact is only available to you, unless if you have shared it with other users with the View Public toggle.

  • Company contacts are all the internal contacts in the company - that is anyone on the company's phone system.

  • Agent contacts are also contacts inside your company, but just those individuals who work exclusively by making or receiving calls. Each agent is assigned to one or more (phone) queues or groups while company contacts are not. 

    Company and agent contacts are available to all users in the company.

  • The fourth tab – marked by the magnifying glass icon (, you can search all the contacts by phone numbers, names, emails, extensions, etc.                

Company vs Agent Contacts

Let us highlight the difference between Company and Agent contact with an example. A software company has a technical support department. The staff members who directly communicate with clients to help address their technical issues are agents and belong to the Technical support phone group. 

But the technical support department also has other workers (programmers, project managers, etc.), who don't communicate directly with clients but work to improve the software based on clients input. These other workers are listed as company contacts. They have phone extensions, but they are not assigned to any particular group – hence they are not agents and only appear as company contacts. 

Personal Contacts

Adding and Deleting

To delete one or more personal contact select it by clicking its icon () or image, if you added one for the contact, and click Delete on the bottom-right of the screen.

Add new contact by clicking  and entering the contact's first and last name and his company (only the first name is a required field.)

You can add an image for the contact by hovering your mouse over the icon at the top. It will be marked by a pen – 
blob1477758085147.png. Click it to navigate to an image file.

Clicking Add phone number or Add email will add extra fields where you can enter as many emails and phone numbers as needed. Remove emails or phone numbers by clicking .

You can click the icon next to a phone number to designate it as –  Work blob1477757057771.png, Personal blob1477757165099.png, and Fax blob1477757242616.png.

The View Public Toggle

This is an important option for making a contact available for View (by) publicOnce enabled, the contact will not only appear in your own personal contacts but also in the personal contacts of every other user in the company. In other words, public contacts are shared by everyone in your company, while non-public contacts are only available to you.


Viewing and Editing

Click any contact and
the menu on the top-right to Edit the contact – in the same window as when you initially created it, or Delete it.

From the mini-menu next to any phone number you can either Call, Text, or Fax the number.

Company Contacts

Company Contacts are created by your administrator when he adds new users to the phone system. Hence, you can't edit or delete company contacts. 

You can click any mini-menu next to a contact to either Call or Chat with him.  

Availability Status

The availability status of users is provided for each contact. In the above example, all users are available to receive calls, except Rick Goodwin who asks to accept Urgent calls only.

Your own phone status can be selected from the TeleConsole's menu in the top-right corner. Additional statuses can be created in the status manager. Read more about it here.

Agents Contacts

On this tab, you see agents in the groups you belong to. Agent contacts are created by your administrator as he designates users to different queues and groups. 

The tab is only informative. There are no active options you can select here, but you can find out which queue or group an agent belongs to by hovering your mouse over the color-coded discs to the right of their names. You can also see if the agent is Waiting for Call – available, Waiting for Call – his phone is ringing or he is dialing someone, or he is On another call – unavailable. 

  To contact any agent find them in the Company contacts tab and call or chat with them from there. 

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