The phone’s conference feature allows you to easily create a conference with other parties. A conference may be created at any time between an active

call and a call on hold (on the same or another line) by pressing the More and  Join soft keys.

 Setting up a conference call:

When setting up a conference you can either dial the phone number directly or search for the number in the contact Directory or Call Lists.

  • Call the first party.

  •  Press Conference or the Confrnc soft key to create a new call. The active call is placed on hold.


  • Call the second party.


  •  When the second party answers, press Conference or the Confrnc soft key again to join all parties in the conference. An "In Conference" message is displayed.


To split a conference call:

Press the Split soft key to split the conference.  Both parties will be put on hold. 

To end a conference call:

Press the EndCall soft key or hang up. The other parties will continue to be connected.