Setting up Your Profile

Your Analytics profile settings provide your users with some details about yourself. It is also where you set time zones and change your password.


Click on Profile from the Analytics Menu to open the Profile window. The window opens as a pop-up rather than a separate menu. You can press the Escape button on your keyboard to close it or click the arrow on the top left side. 

Changing your profile picture

The title of the window is your name followed by “Account Owner.” Above the title is your profile picture, which is a generic person symbol by default. Hover your mouse on this symbol. It will change into a pen symbol   .

Click and you will be prompted to navigate and select an image from your computer to replace the generic symbol.


Entering personal information

Below the title you can enter the following information: 

  • Your First Name.

  • Your Last Name

  • Your Phone Extension.

  • Your Email Address - which doubles as your User Name.

    Important - if you change your email address you will need to contact us to set you up with a new initial password.

  • Your Mobile Phone Number.


 Time Zone and Country


The next two fields are pull-down menus to change time zones:


  • Time zone - the default choice here is Customer Default. Select a different time zone from the pull down menu if you are working with customers in a different region.

  • Country - The next field is where you select your own country of location.


Changing your password

To change your password, first enter the new password in the Change Password field. Then reenter it in the Confirm Password field to verify you made no typos.

Saving your changes or canceling them

When you are done making any changed click the Update button.

If you don't want to save your changed, press the Escape button on your keyboard or click the arrow on the top right corner of the the window to close the Profile window without saving any changes. 

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