Call Monitoring, Call Whisper and Barge in

Call monitoring gives administrators (or authorized users) the ability to listen to and monitor calls. This is a great tool to coach and assist new employee, improve quality and performance of experienced agents, and ensure professionalism and efficiency of users. Since the feature is cloud-based, like most other Telebroad features, it allows administrators to listen to conversations anywhere and support their employee globally.

This is an added feature to call recordings, giving an administrator the option to listen to a conversation first and decide if and when to start recording it. When listening in on calls, the monitoring administrator line is muted so neither the agent nor the client can hear him.


Call Whisper - is an enhancement of the monitoring feature allowing administrator to provide live advice and pointers. It unmutes the administrator's line, but delivers the audio only to the agent of the company, without the client able to hear the administrator's comments or even being aware that the administrator is "whispering" to the agent.

Barge In – In this mode of call monitoring, the administrator's line is fully unmuted and he can take full control of a call. Both the agents and client will be able to hear him. This is an important feature if an employee is providing incorrect information or is potentially losing a customer.


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