Call recording is an important feature for companies needing a reliable method to keep records of important conversations. Calls are kept as audio files easily accessible for administrators online (from Telebroad's ACD panel) and that can also be downloaded and shared  from call history records.

The feature is also a great tool to help train employees, evaluate their performance, and provide them with feedback to improve their interactions with customers. 

The feature is available to both users (From Telebroad's Teleconsole) and administrators (from Telebroad's ACD panel) . Both can record conversations with a click of a button, but administrators have added control and can even setup automatic recording schedules.   

Recorded calls are are available as complete files and also can be broken down to call segments based on call flows as it moves through the automatic call distribution.

Please note the call recording for users need to be initially activated by Telebroad.

When using the feature, if required by state or other regulations, it is recommended to add a message to one of the phases of the ACD process informing customers their conversations may be recorded and possibly acquire their consent if needed.