The POST/voicemail/call method is redirects a call to a user's voicemail box, based on the the provided authorization credentials. For this to work, the redirected call must be placed using the post/send/call method, in order to have the call identified with a unique ID.


There are no parameters in the header. All parameters go in the body in JSON Raw format.

uniqueidstringA unique ID number for the call. This need to be obtained from the uniqueid field in the response received from the post/send/call method, once the call is placed from that method. 


To redirect a call to a user's voicemail box use this syntax:

HTTP method: POST





If the call was redirected successfully:


    "error": null,

    "result": "1"


If there was a problem redirecting the call (usually due to wrong uniqueid or if the call has already ended):



        "code": 444,

        "message": "The call does not exist."



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