Call Transfering

Call transferring can be done in one of three ways:

  • Consultative transfer - The party to whom you want to transfer the call  answers their phone before you transfer the call or hang up. You can consult with them before completing the transfer.

  • Blind transfer - The call is automatically transferred after you dial the number of the party to whom you want to transfer the call.

  • Attended transfer - This is done by setting up a conference. The  parties are automatically connected to each other after you exit the conference.

    See about setting a conference 

To perform a c
onsultative transfer

  • During a call, press Transfer or the Trnsfer soft key. The active call will be placed on hold. And a "Transfer to:" message will appear.

  • Place a call to the desired recipient of the call.


  • After you hear the ring-back sound or after the party answers, press Transfer or the Trnsfer soft key. 


You can talk privately to the party to which you are transferring the call 
before the transfer is completed to verify they will accept the transfer. 

If you are using a handset, the transfer can be completed by putting the 
handset on the cradle. You can cancel the transfer before the call connects by pressing the Cancel soft key. 

To perform a blind transfer:
  • During a call, press Transfer or the Trnsfer soft key. 

  • Press the Blind soft key. 


  • Place a call to the desired recipient of the call. 

  • At this point, the call is connected to the number to which you are transferring them.

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